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Piseros de tensión superficial


Specifically designed for fast, accurate on-line use by printers, coaters, and laminators — also ideal for process control or field use by suppliers of film, sheet, coated board, inks, coatings, and adhesives.
Spring loaded tip meters fluid feed and guards against contamination.
Reliable enough for many R&D and lab applications. Hundreds of tests from each marker. Usable on virtually all smooth non-absorptive substrates.


UV measurement Strips are simple, reliable, and easy to use indicators of accumulated UV light dosage.

They are the first product that can be used to determine levels of UV dose with a simple, visual inspection due to the 5 separate color changing zones. Each of the 5 zones begin to change color after a specific amount of UV dose has been received.

The first zone (the one shaped differently) begins turning from yellow to blue.

Then each subsequent color zone starts to change colors when its specific chemistry has received the proper amount of UV to activate its color change.
The versatility of this unique UV measurement tool allows users to measure a significant range of UV doses.

The UV measurement Strips measure UV doses from 0mJ/cm2 to greater than 5,000mJ(5J)/cm2.

Due to their paper-thin profile and thermal stability, they can be used in all applications where a radiometer is not possible, including:

Web printing, Sheet Fed printing, Exposure Verification of exposed products,

3-D curing, and personal UV exposure level testing.

The UV measurement strips can be coupled with a handheld colorimeter to measure the dose even more accurately